SMARTER Leadership Principles For African Youth In The World Of Art

Art influences culture. Over time, societies have experienced the introduction of new language, behaviours, norms and values. Many of these have come about by the expression of societies’ sentiments, through painting, sculpture, music, literature, fashion and the other arts. Societies’ collective memories can be discovered through the arts. Whether art is considered an imitation of […]

Africa Progresses

I was privileged to be at the handing over ceremony of the Africa Trade House to the AU and AfCFTA Secretariat. The speeches alone, from the President of the Republic of Ghana, to the Chair of the AU Commission, to the Secretary General of the African Continental Free Trade Area, evoked several leadership lessons as […]

THE SECRETS TO INTRA AFRICA TRADE ACTUALLY WORKING. Oh, and the not so small role Diasporans and Multinationals are playing.

At a talk with young entrepreneurs from across Africa organised by SFAN, against the backdrop of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), I recommended 7 actions to support the growth of Intra Africa trade.

Oh, Woman

Women in leadership can look really different depending on the lens through which one views them. I grew up seeing my mother go to work everyday. She always looked great to work, like a million dollars. It was really inspiring. She would call us once in the afternoon when we got back from school, then […]


Have you seen a successful single person in action? Have you had an exchange with a successful person who is in a committed relationship before? I’ve seen and experienced both. You can be successful as a single man or a single woman, just as you can be successful when you have a partner who provides […]