Have you seen a successful single person in action?
Have you had an exchange with a successful person who is in a committed relationship before?

I’ve seen and experienced both.

You can be successful as a single man or a single woman, just as you can be successful when you have a partner who provides support in whatever form (emotional, spiritual, physical etc).

You can be an extremely successful single person focused on getting the job done well, and this may be because you dedicate more time to tasks and get in extra work that can lead to a deeper understanding, as well as broaden your skills.

But I’ve also found that being in a ‘partnership’ type relationship can help you just as much, if not more. By partnership, I mean where the couple are best friends, where they look out for each other as though they were one and the same person.
After having spent years working on your trade, putting in all the extra hours, especially in the early years, it is possible you’ll reach a period of burnout, or at least fatigue.

Being with someone who understands your personality, vision, desires and ambitions, and is ready to support you every step of the way, is a most rewarding feeling.

When they understand what it takes and so are ready to give you the time you need to perfect your skills and achieve results, when they encourage you with suggestions, challenge you with questions, and push you to deliver what they know you are capable of, then you not only have a ‘business partner’, but a life partner who will help you celebrate wins and be a comfort during the not so snazzy moments in your career.

With all the talk of work-life balance that persists today, it is important to find your comfortable space or your happy place. When the majority of your time spent awake is at work, it’s important that you find happiness in what you do, as well as in the way you do it!

If you are obsessed with work like I am, you may want to dedicate enough time to be focused on what you have to do. So, for me, it means working as effectively as I can during my working hours (which may start at 5am and till midnight if I so choose), but when the day is over, I close all work files. That strong temptation to check emails on my phone when that ‘psychological chapter’ is closed for the day isn’t that strong.

I then choose to spend time with my husband and family, watch a movie, read a book. I don’t feel guilty about this because my husband is there to let me know it’s ok to take a break. And when difficult issues arise, he talks me through them, which allows me to be more relaxed than I would have been dealing with them alone.

So, don’t see being in a relationship as an impediment to getting things done and moving ahead in your career. Rather, spend time to nurture your relationship so that it blossoms, because it will be your place of solace in tough times, and be your place of recreation and rest in your good times.


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